CD control systems


Controls for accurate CD profiling with a simple user interface

  • Communication with modern QCS via ModBus RTU interface or an OPC communication link
  • Accurate mapping, high resolution to control profile
  • Automatic mapping feature
  • Automatic control of actuator positions


Remote manual operator interface

  • Status and position of every actuator as graphic
  • Actual numerical status of different features
  • Status of actuator (for example: temperature, voltage and drifting)
  • Continuous fault diagnostics of the system and each actuator
  • Slice lip bending limit monitoring


 A complete offering for Basis weight, Moisture and Coat profiling

The advanced CD control with high tech electromechanical actuators ensures the best possible profiles for all paper grades. Our 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative systems guarantees their highest quality, compact design and easy maintenance. Tasowheel profilers are compatible with all CD controls and remote manual control.


  • Paper quality improvement (sheet uniformity and runnability)
  • Improved productivity
  • Raw material and energy savings
  • Better printing properties


Basis weight profiling for all dilution headboxes

  • A tailored combination of precise actuators and dilution valves with linear flow curves
  • Excellent weight profile due to narrow control zones and absolute actuator positioning
  • High-resolution electromechanical actuators with rotating (RDA) and linear (LDA) movement
  • Tasowheel electronics (I/O or modcom) inside the actuators
  • Minimum spacing 60 mm in a single row


  • Small, powerful and precise actuators
  • Fast and accurate positioning
  • Actuators are compatible with maintenance-free stainless steel Tasowheel dilution valves without adapters
  • Better runnability and printing properties due to excellent CD basis weight profiles

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For Slice lip headbox basis weight profiling

  • Suitable for all headboxes – easily tailored to headbox needs (mounting, force, operating area, etc.)
  •  A relatively small investment to improve CD weight profiles.
  • An Upgrade is a perfect option for minimizing CD variations in an old headbox.
  • Tasowheel electronics (I/O or modcom) inside the actuators
  • Fast and accurate absolute position measurement
  • Minimum spacing 100 mm in a single row


  • Easy replacement
  • Tailored actuators (Forte) equipped with handwheel and dial gauge
  • Better runnability and printing properties due to excellent CD basis weight profiles

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Steam profiler for accurate CD moisture profile control.

  • The new design ensures maximized steam absorption to the web -> higher temperature increase and dryness increase
  • Advanced solution with accurate actuators ensures smooth steam distribution in cross direction as well as accurate zones in moisture profile control.
  • Cutting edge electromechanical Steam actuator (STA) with position feedback measurement
  • Actuators are controlled with advanced 16-channel control cards in integrated cabinet  enebling easy maontenance during operation 


  • Improved moisture profiles -> Better paper quality
  • Increased production due to increased machine speed
  • Energy savings due to decreased steam and gas consumption

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CD moisture profiler for all paper grades as well as corrugating and laminating

  • Air atomizing spray nozzles combines water and air creating very small droblet size and ensuring excellent absorption to the web.
  • Tailored nozzle spacing according to process needs
  • Linear electromechanical actuator (MTA) with position feedback measurement
  • Actuators and advanced 16-channel control cards in integrated cabinet enabling easy maintenance during operation.
  • Mist removal system for high-performance systems


  • Even moisture profiles
  • Increased production and better runnability
  • Better gloss and smoothness in calendering application
  • Control and reduce curl and increase self-adhesive product flatness

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Compact and efficient Coat Weigh profiler

  • Uniform Coat weight profiles
  • Fast recovery after process disturbance and blade or rod changes
  • Enables high coat weight level with a good profile quality
  • Actuator (CA-5000) sensor directly on the output shaft -> Accurate and fast positioning
  • Actuators located close to the rod on top of the blade
  • Electronics are located in over-pressurized boxes close to the actuators. This unique design prevents coating color and water from getting inside the profiler or its electronics.


  • Less blade/rod changes due to minimized wearing
  • Easy installation ensures a short shutdown period
  • Better runnability due to good Coat weight profiles
  • Less broke after breaks and blade/rod changes

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