Slice Profiler

Precision slice lip control for basis weight profiling

Tasowheel slice profilers feature a tailored combination of precise and strong actuators. They provide excellent weight profiling thanks to their fast and accurate absolute actuator positioning. Our profilers are suitable for all headboxes, and they can be easily tailored for individual headbox needs (mounting, force, operating area, etc.). They can provide a significant improvement for CD weight profiles while requiring a relatively small investment. Upgrading your existing system with our profiler is a perfect option for minimizing CD variations in an old headbox.

Typical spacing for our actuators is 100-150mm in a single row.

Tasowheel slice profiler

Key features

  • Improved performance and efficiency with high-precision profile control
  • Quick grade changes and startup times
  • Better runnability and printing properties thanks to excellent CD basis weight profiles
  • Easy replacement
  • Tailored actuators (Forte) equipped with handwheel and dial gauge

Tasowheel Slice Profilers

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