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Tasowheel Oy

Tampere factories

Hepolamminkatu 27 A & B
FI-33720 Tampere, Finland

Tikkakoski factory

Elementtitie 24
FI-41160 Tikkakoski, Finland

Billing address

E-invoice address 003722812798
EDI-ID 003722812798
Operator  CGI
Operator ID 003703575029

In case you cannot send us e-invoices please send your invoice as a PDF to the following e-mail: Please make sure that the company address is written as follows:

Tasowheel Oy
PL 740
00074 CGI

Sales team

Matias Vanhala

Sales manager (power transmission)


Aleksi Tammentie

Account manager (Motion solutions)


Janne Kosola

Senior sales manager (Paper QCS)


Find a Paper representative from the link below

Satu Hurmala

Sales manager (Machining and hydraulics)


Henri Pekkanen

Sales engineer


Kati Hakala

Spare parts specialist


Roman Mertechev

Business Director


Mikko Kinnunen

Business director


Pilvi Hyödynmaa

Sales and marketing specialist


Joakim Stenius


+358 400 607989


Jarmo Kuikka



Kirsi Ahonen

Financial manager


Petri Keski-Korpela

Development manager


Mikael Mäkinen

Production and procurement director


Pekka Pohjoismäki

Chairman of the Board