Coating Profiler

Fast positioning and accurate coat weight profiles

Tasowheel’s compact and efficient coating profiler is a great solution for achieving uniform coat weight profiles. They enable high coat weight levels with a high profile quality.

The profiler’s actuator sensor is placed directly on the output shaft enabling accurate and fast positioning. Actuators are located close to the rod on top of the blade. Electronics are in over-pressurized boxes close to the actuators. This unique design prevents coating color and water from getting inside the profiler or its electronics. Recovery is fast after process disturbances and blade or rod changes.

Key features

  • Improved performance for coaters, calenders, and winders
  • Less blade and rod changes thanks to minimum wearing
  • Easy installation and swapping ensure short shutdown periods and fast recovery
  • Better runnability thanks to good coat weight profiles
  • Less broke after breaks and blade/rod changes

Motorized Coating Actuators

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