Steam Profiler

Optimize the performance of your paper and board machine with our steam profiler.

Our innovative design ensures maximum steam absorption to the web enabling higher temperatures and improved dryness. We provide advanced solutions with accurate actuators to ensure a smooth steam cross-direction distribution as well as accurate zones in moisture profile control.

Steam profiler system

The cutting-edge electromechanical steam actuator (STA) features position feedback measurement. Actuators are controlled with advanced 16-channel control cards in an integrated cabinet that enables easy maintenance during operation.

Key features

  • Improved moisture profiles and better paper quality
  • Increased production thanks to increased machine speed
  • Energy savings through decreased steam and gas consumption

Customer Benefits

  • Increased dewatering in Press Section
  • Improved diagnostics and easy of maintenance thanks to actual position feedback
  • Optimized dryness and even moisture profile after Press Section
  • Short return of investment through energy efficiency

Motorized Steam Actuators

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