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Advanced scanner solutions for precise quality control

Tasowheel’s innovative and modular QCS systems are always tailored to the customer’s needs. At the core of our systems are online scanner systems that provide accurate real-time data for managing your process and providing optimal quality.


Part of the Tasowheel Group, Scienta has been producing reliable sensors and scanners for pulp and paper production since the 1970s. Scienta scanners feature great connectivity thanks to standard PLC components and open software solutions.

Scienta’s sturdy scanners can carry a heavy payload and still position the sensor accurately on the line – whether in the X, Y or Z direction. High speed PLC control makes integration easy as we provide OPC or direct Ethernet/Profinet links for controlling everything. We also offer selected scanner models for OEM customers.

A comprehensive spare part list is included with all delivered systems. Thanks to featuring mainly standard components, our spare parts list is short, and the items are sensibly priced. As our sensors are usually built around a single electronic card, we can keep the spare parts list very short. We have most parts ex-stock and we always deliver by courier freight.

Key features

  • Sturdy construction and minimal maintenance
  • Liquid cooling of sensor platform
  • Field bus in sensor platform
  • Built in PLC in scanner frame
  • Simple integration into line

Scanner Frames

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