Dilution Profiler

Consistent basis weight profiling for all dilution headboxes

The Tasowheel dilution profiler is a tailored combination of precise actuators and dilution valves with linear flow curves. It provides excellent high-precision control and weight profiling thanks to narrow control zones and absolute actuator positioning.

Our profilers feature high-resolution electromechanical actuators with rotating (RDA) and linear (LDA) movement. The actuators contain Tasowheel electronics (I/O or modcom). The minimum spacing for our actuators is 60 mm in a single row.

Dilution profiler

Key features

  • Small, powerful and precise actuators provide consistent quality and improved performance
  • Fast and accurate positioning enables more efficient production
  • Better runnability and printing properties thanks to excellent CD basis weight profiles
  • Actuators are compatible with maintenance-free stainless steel Tasowheel dilution valves without adapters

Dilution actuators

Dilution valves


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