Moisture Profiler

CD moisture profiler for all paper grades, corrugating‚ and laminating

Tasowheel’s air atomizing spray nozzles combine water and air creating an extremely small droplet size that ensures excellent absorption to the web.

Our profilers are always tailored to ensure that nozzle spacing meets the needs of your process. They feature our premium linear electromechanical actuators (MTA) with position feedback measurement. Actuators are controlled with advanced 16-channel control cards in an integrated cabinet that enables easy maintenance during operation. We also provide our innovative mist removal system for high-performance systems.

Key features

  • Even moisture profiles
  • Increased production and better runnability
  • Better gloss and smoothness in calendering applications
  • Improved control, reduced curling, and improved flatness for self-adhesive products
  • Easy integration to existing QCS

Motorized Moisturizer Actuators

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