Tasowheel news

Stay Safe on the Road
As the days get darker and the hours of available sunlight decline, it becomes important to guarantee road safety for all. Tasowheel found a great way to promote safer school roads in Tampere. Reflective vests are one of the best ways to keep children safe on dark roads. Enhanced visibility allows the smallest road users […]
Partner in Spotlight: FANEL Solutions
The collaboration with Tasowheel is based on mutual reliability and easy communication. FANEL Solutions represents high-performance and innovative companies primarily in the paper and cardboard industry. The company also serves tissue, non-woven, and plastic film industries in France and Wallonia, Belgium. The company, founded in 2006, selects partners that succeed in improving the manufacturing processes […]
Tasowheel to expand its factory in Tikkakoski
Tasowheel is expanding its manufacturing facility in Tikkakoski to pursue bigger capacity and ensure sustainable growth. Tasowheel is building a new manufacturing facility adjoining its current factory in Tikkakoski. With the new investment, Tasowheel is expanding its production capacity to support the company’s growth and to better serve its customers. The extra space is not […]
Coming together again – Meet us at Alihankinta/ Subcontracting Fair 2021
From Tuesday to Thursday, Tasowheel is exhibiting at Alihankinta 2021, the Subcontracting Fair in Tampere. Finland’s leading industrial event is dedicated to offer visitors a unique overview of the industry’s prospects and the future, as highlighted in this year’s theme “Business from data”. The Tasowheel team is thrilled to attend the Subcontracting Fair as a live […]
Partner in Spotlight: MK Process Technologies Private Ltd.
As a trusted partner for the Indian paper industry, MKPT is carrying the flag of Tasowheel in India since 2017. The business cooperation between the companies started on a very positive note, as the first customer order was signed even before signing the agency agreement. During the first visit of Tasowheel Systems to the paper […]
Soundproof office pods enhance creativity and workplace happiness
In the spirit of continuous improvement, Tasowheel constantly searches for new ways to care for its talents. Workplace wellbeing is an important element of employee happiness and also critical for business results. A great way to support workplace wellbeing is to invest in new solutions for good ergonomics and distraction-free working. Framery office pods make […]
Summer Fun for Children
For many children in the Tampere Region, the absolute summer highlight would be a visit to Särkänniemi adventure park. Tasowheel took on a charity challenge initiated by Tam-Silk Oy to ensure that children of low-income families can have this special day during their holiday. Thanks to the participants, Tasowheel included, more than 2000 children got […]
Fair Play and Team Spirit
A strong team spirit enables cooperation and is the driving force for achieving common goals. This goes both for sports fields and workplaces. Believing in the power of fair play and peer support, Tasowheel sponsors the young footballers of NoPS (Nokian Palloseura). The junior players of team P12, age 11-12, have two clear goals for […]
Custom fixtures support productivity and product quality
Tasowheel is known for investing heavily in modern technology and latest machinery. Yet not even the most advanced machines can produce best-in-class products without high-quality fixtures. This is a crucial, yet often underestimated, part of product design and manufacturing, and a great differentiating advantage for us. When a customer order is placed, the design work […]
A Smooth Setup
A brand-new gear grinding machine is whirring in the production hall of Tasowheel Gears. The acquisition decision was made in December, and, thanks to an exceptionally smooth commissioning process, the new machine is already in full swing. Liebherr is a trusted supplier for Tasowheel in gear hobbing machines, but LGG-280 is the first Liebherr-branded gear […]