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Development Manager aims at making the colleagues' lives easier
Juho Mäkinen started as Development Manager on 10 August. In his own words, the role is about helping other Tasowheel professionals do their job in an easier, more efficient and high-quality way. As one of his first tasks, Juho is leading a project that aims for a cleaner and more organized production. After a recent […]
Siiri and Tasowheel make it move together
European Championships in powerlifting are held in Poland at the end of November. The athlete in our spotlight is Siiri Tossavainen, a recent silver medalist at the World Championships and Tasowheel’s partner athlete. Encouraging adolescents to participate in different sports activities, Tasowheel collaborates with selected local teams and promising young athletes, such as 18-year-old powerlifter […]
Long-term collaboration in protecting lives
Temet is a global market leader for building and equipping civil protection shelters. Supporting the company’s purpose to save lives, Tasowheel supplies the transmission solution to its ventilation system IVL-1.   Highly actual field Civil protection shelters are designed to protect people from a variety of threats, such as explosions caused by attacks or accidents, […]
Creating the next generation customer experience
A career in the manufacturing industry was always on Henri Pekkanen’s agenda. Still, as a business student, he hardly imagined that by the time of his graduation his job title would be ”Sales engineer”. Not that his working life would have been so conventional anyway – or the way he ended up at Tasowheel. During […]
Let's meet at Alihankinta Subcontracting Fair in Tampere!
Tasowheel is exhibiting at Alihankinta 2022, the Subcontracting Fair in Tampere this week. The second largest European trade fair for the subcontracting industry is expected to bring more than 1000 exhibitors and 18 000 visitors together. This year, the theme of the event is Industry Appeal, Needs and Experts. Come along and meet our team […]
Tasowheel has bought the majority of the shares in Fastpap Oy
Tasowheel Group Oy has today bought the majority of the shares in Fastpap Oy, which offers cleaning, cutting and measuring solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Fastpap Oy will continue its current business as an independent company, and Mr Jouni Saarteinen will continue as the CEO of Fastpap Oy.   Tasowheel Group Oy on […]
More agility with factory extension
Tasowheel has two manufacturing sites that differ in their core competence and product portfolio. In an earlier article, we introduced our factory in Tampere and outlined how gears are manufactured as a full service. Now it is time to peek into our facilities in Tikkakoski. A new factory extension was completed in August to enhance […]
HR management in the changing workplace
Attracting new talents is not the only challenge the manufacturing industry recruiters are facing. New trends are shaking up the whole idea of work and the workplace. At Tasowheel, Kati Louhiniitty was appointed HR (Human Resource) Manager as of May 16. After a short period outside the manufacturing industry, I was drawn back. Companies with […]
Machines on the move
At Tasowheel, we are consistently improving our operations. This summer, the most visible (and noisy) activities supporting this goal took place in our production facility in Tampere. Summer trainees Jussi Raja-Aho and Tomi Havunen from University Tampere played an important role in redesigning and rearranging the production layout. As summer trainees, Jussi and Tomi were […]