Tasowheel news

Coping with supply chain disruptions
The past two years have tested the functionality of the manufacturing industry like never before, and supply chain disruptions promise a demanding landscape ahead. Businesses worldwide are grappling with supply uncertainties, capacity shortages, long transit times, and sky-high transportation rates. At Tasowheel, we have been able to serve our customers effectively and to ensure them […]
New machines change the nature of gear grinding
Automation does not cut jobs but saves them. It is a key competitive edge that ensures our future success. No matter how modern and advanced machines, they won’t replace us – but definitely change our job. My wishes for new technology? Useful improvements and small features that have a big impact. Today, machine suppliers listen […]
Four decades as a Tasowheeler
A man of his word, a walking handbook, a mentor, a master, a Tappara fan…May 13th is a remarkable day for the whole company, as Development Manager Kimmo Hyvärinen heads into retirement. After 39 years at Tasowheel, he will definitely be missed. “No matter how busy he was, he always found time to teach and […]
A Sales Manager needs sharp ears and good training shoes
Sales Manager Janne Kosola serves Tasowheel’s paper industry customers with an athlete’s mentality and the patience of a gourmet chef. Janne Kosola has had a busy week. A long tender process finally ended – and not that well. Still, the optimistic sales manager has already spotted the bright side and made a note to self […]
Good quality control brings back customers, not products
Quality is paramount for us. Learn how our Senior Quality Specialist Joonas Jokinen and his team take care that the customers get exactly what they ordered. My team has a simple goal: to develop Tasowheel’s production quality. How? By creating standardized methods and practices that enable no errors. In case of any abnormality observed, we […]
The Next Generation
Arttu and Aku Sorjonen grew up in the spirit of family entrepreneurship. Today, they are members of Tasowheel’s board and employees contributing to the company’s operational performance. Two brothers of roughly the same height and weight, and the same last name – yet with different interests. Arttu loves machines and production, while Aku is more […]
Strategic purchasing requires forethought and planning
Janika Kalliomäki was appointed Strategic Purchaser as of September 2021. The position is new at Tasowheel, so let’s find out what it involves. What are you doing today? I’m preparing and updating an operating plan for procurement. Since last year, we have developed our strategic purchasing, created a category model for procurement and will be […]
A full-service partner saves money, time, and hassle
The quality of a finished gear is influenced by every machining operation that is applied. Keeping the process under one roof saves time and money, simplifies manufacturing, and reduces risks. In the world of gears, “close enough” is never enough. Precision makes all the difference, and even a slight discrepancy can compromise the efficiency of […]
Joining an international alliance boosted digitalization and strengthened the emphasis on human resource development. KA4HR is a name monster with a good cause. The international Knowledge Alliance “Human Resources and Organizational Development” was launched in 2018 with an ambitious aim: to develop innovations in the workplace. More precisely, the idea was to help the participating […]
The Gears of My Life
I have worked with gears for all my career. My responsibilities have changed but the gears have remained. I could say that we have built a special relationship. The quality and method development of gear grinding are my current responsibilities: I oversee that the jobs will get done right. We have premade plans, but sometimes […]