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Fair Play and Team Spirit

A strong team spirit enables cooperation and is the driving force for achieving common goals. This goes both for sports fields and workplaces. Believing in the power of fair play and peer support, Tasowheel sponsors the young footballers of NoPS (Nokian Palloseura). The junior players of team P12, age 11-12, have two clear goals for […]

News - 6.7.2021

Custom fixtures support productivity and product quality

Tasowheel is known for investing heavily in modern technology and latest machinery. Yet not even the most advanced machines can produce best-in-class products without high-quality fixtures. This is a crucial, yet often underestimated, part of product design and manufacturing, and a great differentiating advantage for us. When a customer order is placed, the design work […]

News - 29.6.2021

A Smooth Setup

A brand-new gear grinding machine is whirring in the production hall of Tasowheel Gears. The acquisition decision was made in December, and, thanks to an exceptionally smooth commissioning process, the new machine is already in full swing. Liebherr is a trusted supplier for Tasowheel in gear hobbing machines, but LGG-280 is the first Liebherr-branded gear […]

News - 23.6.2021

Collaboration is the key in employee training

Employee training is at the heart of Tasowheel’s strategy of continuous learning. Good collaboration with a trusted training partner Taitotalo and the Centre for Economic Development plays an important role in assuring the best education and a wide spectrum of courses. Read more about this invaluable collaboration in a recent article published by Taitotalo (in […]

News - 7.6.2021

Tasowheel Team looking forward to summer

One of the best gifts is the gift of doing good. This summer, Tasowheel remembers all its employees with a very special pair of sunglasses that not only protect the recipients’ eyes but have a bigger impact. Shadeshares are responsibly manufactured sunglasses, handcrafted from high-quality Finnish birch veneer and other sustainable materials. For every purchased […]

News - 3.6.2021

Partner in Spotlight: Shanghai Nongjin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Nongjin Automation serves as Tasowheel’s representative in China since 2018. Nongjin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Putuo District, Shanghai, was founded in 2014 to provide excellent process automation solutions and equipment. Its main business areas include CD control actuators and valves, optical analysis instruments, RT/CS controller upgrade and maintenance services, QCS scanner spare parts […]

News - 25.5.2021

In good hands

In our new blog series, our employees around the company reveal a little bit about their roles, expertise, and what they think about working at Tasowheel. Check out their posts to find out the definitive moments that shaped their professional life and to learn what a typical workday at Tasowheel looks like. Financial manager Kirsi […]

News - 19.5.2021

Tasowheel Systems receives repeat order to refurbish slice control automation at Holmen Iggesunds paperboard mill

The company received a major order from the Iggesund Mill in Sweden for refurbishing two more headbox slice control systems for headboxes 1 and 4 on KM1. Headboxes 2 and 3 were refurbished by Tasowheel in 2020. Tasowheel Systems will supply slice control automation technology to machine KM1, headboxes 1 and 4, at Holmen Iggesunds […]

News - 21.4.2021

Make it move – together

A physically and socially active team is the best value for sponsorship. It should be no surprise that Tasowheel, the expert of movement, believes in the power of keeping muscles in motion. Everyday exercise promotes overall wellbeing and supports the entire work community. In Tikkakoski, the Tasowheel team enjoys a range of options to stay […]

News - 14.4.2021

New Sales Manager helps customers succeed

Matias Vanhala (M.Sc., Tech.) has been appointed Sales Manager as of December 2020. With his broad background in customer-centric positions in publicly listed companies, he brings a wealth of experience from serving industrial customers. For years, Matias drove by Tasowheel on his way to work. He knew that the company manufactured gears, but it was […]

News - 6.4.2021

Partner in Spotlight: KPNB

Komponenten+Partner Nicole Buschmeier (KPNB) acts as Tasowheel’s representative in Germany since 2015. We have an extensive installed base in Middle-Europe: tens of thousands of actuators and valves. It is extremely important for us to have a good and active partner in this area, says Business Director Mikko Kinnunen. Nicole Buschmeier, founder and owner of KPNB, […]

News - 29.3.2021

New machines support the customers’ growth

Last year, the machine park of Tasowheel was strengthened by a new gear hobbing machine. According to Sales Director Roman Mertechev, the main reason for investing is to support customers in achieving the highest quality and growth. We are committed to growing together with our customers. Through investing in new technology despite economic uncertainties we […]

News - 17.3.2021

Tasowheel and engineering students – always in motion

Local universities are essential partners for Tasowheel, serving as sources of new talent, research, and innovation. From the students’ perspective, the most valuable benefits of the collaboration lay in meaningful traineeships and career opportunities, interesting topics for master’s theses, and in a little financial support for the guilds’ traditional student boilersuit purchases. In return, the […]

News - 11.3.2021

New technology investment enhances quality and productivity

As a strategic priority, Tasowheel constantly invests in leading-edge technologies and new machinery. One of the company’s latest acquisitions was DVS UGrind 1500, a multifunction turret for high precision hard turning, finish machining and grinding. It was installed in December 2020 to improve productivity at the manufacturing unit in Tampere. Production and Procurement Director Mikael […]

News - 25.2.2021

New Development Manager spots the best practices

Petri Keski-Korpela has been appointed Development Manager of Tasowheel Group as of November 2020. He is a positive and encouraging team player, who believes that being systematic frees brain capacity for more important decisions. Petri has over 20 years of international experience in the mechanical industry and an impressive track record in managing production, quality […]

News - 16.2.2021

Partner in spotlight: Giuliani

Did you know that Tasowheel is a market leader in manufacturing profile control and CD control actuators for paper machines? Having an experience of over forty years, we have delivered more than 200 000 actuators worldwide. Whereas our company headquarters and manufacturing are based in Finland, our customers and representatives are located in every corner […]

News - 12.2.2021

Tasowheel belongs to the financially strongest in Finland

Tasowheel has received the Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate, based on a Rating Alfa classification of corporate financial performance. The classification is an official proof of the company’s excellent financial key rations, positive background information and good payment behaviour in the long term. Tasowheel has obtained the high Rating Alfa credit classification in the time […]

News - 3.2.2021

Back up on the growth path

The new organization is ready to bounce back after the pandemic. Despite the global uncertainty and prolonged pandemic situation, economic activity in Europe is starting to ramp up. Manufacturers are slowly getting back on their feet after experiencing significant disruptions in their operations and demand in 2020. Although the impact of the pandemic was below […]

News - 26.1.2021

Yhdessä onnistuimme

Talvipäivänseisaus, poikkeuksellisen vuoden pimein päivä. Näin kun vuosi 2020 lähestyy loppuaan, on myönnettävä, ettei se päästänyt meitä helpolla. Silti kun nyt pysähdyn katsomaan ympärilleni, näen paljon valoa. Koko maailmaa mullistavasta pandemiasta huolimatta olemme Tasowheelissä onnistuneet palvelemaan asiakkaitamme yhtä vastuullisesti, nopeasti ja luotettavasti kuin aiemminkin. Olemme pysyneet terveinä ja työkykyisinä. Täysin emme mekään ole säästyneet kolhuilta […]

News - 22.12.2020

We succeeded together

Winter solstice, the darkest day of an exceptional year. Now that year 2020 is coming to an end, I must admit that it was not the easiest one. Yet, when I stop and look around, I see a lot of light. Despite the pandemic that brought the whole world to its knees, we have succeeded […]

News - 22.12.2020

Tasowheel donates to help families in need

This Christmas, Tasowheel has donated to Hope ry. fundraising to give hope for children living in poor families. The father of the Christmas charity idea was Senior Quality Specialist Joonas Jokinen who suggested to CEO Jarmo Kuikka that Tasowheel could donate for a good cause. Jarmo supported the great idea and immediately made it happen. […]

News - 7.12.2020

New investments and installations despite the pandemic

Despite the disruptive impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, Tasowheel continues its major investments in manufacturing and new technology. Travel restrictions and quarantines require some extra planning and creativity in the installation and onsite start-ups of new equipment. Last week, a new grinding machine from Fritz Studer AG was successfully installed in Tasowheel factory in Tampere. […]

News - 23.11.2020

Finland’s first ECM machine improves efficiency at Tasowheel Tikka

It’s time for celebration at Tasowheel Tikka. The company’s new ECM machine – the only one in Finland – was successfully taken in use and it has already convinced both own staff and the customers. The operation of an ECM (Electrochemical Machining) machine is based on a method where the workpiece surface is being finished […]

News - 5.11.2020

A big hop forward in serving health technology customers

New Account Manager is devoted to deploying his takeaways from the sports fields to the benefit of Tasowheel’s customers. For years, Aleksi Tammentie just drove by Tasowheel on his way to work. Since August, he has turned right in the same curve, after starting as Account Manager of Tasowheel Systems. His responsibilities include developing long-term […]

News - 12.10.2020

Tasowheel realigns organizational structure to support international growth

The objective of the new company structure is to sharpen the operations to better serve customers and to drive the successful execution of the company’s strategy of sustainable growth. Tasowheel Group has decided to redesign its organization as of 1 October. The objective of these changes is to enable added emphasis on three strategic initiatives: […]

News - 5.10.2020

It is easy to stay fit at Tasowheel Tikka

”It has arrived!” People at Tasowheel Tikka are excited. A truck of a particular logistics company has just arrived, and it can only mean one thing: the company e-bike has finally returned from the workshop. People had heard rumours of the return day, so the booking calendar of the bike is already full of hopeful […]

News - 4.9.2020

New master’s thesis clarified the gear factory’s purchasing strategy

In his master’s thesis for Tampere University, Aleksi Isoaho explored the procurement models of a gear factory and created a new purchasing strategy for Tasowheel Gears. Originally, Aleksi had three objectives: to define a purchasing organization, to apply category management in purchasing, and to create new procedures. In terms of his thesis, the scope of […]

News - 12.8.2020

Lifelong learning at Tasowheel: Wellbeing and good guidance

Employee wellbeing has its roots in company strategy and values. Our success is based on competent, happy, and motivated personnel, CEO Jarmo Kuikka sums up. At Tasowheel, you rarely hear someone mentioning employee wellbeing but just wellbeing: Tasowheel’s mission as an employer is to support each staff member’s total wellbeing. In this sense, employer responsibility […]

News - 10.7.2020

Lifelong learning at Tasowheel: Quality and safety improvements

Competence development is at its best when employees learn new things for the benefit of the entire organization. After development manager Kimmo Hyvärinen from Tasowheel Gears participated in an occupational health and safety system training, the company decided to certify ISO45001 standard in all Tasowheel companies. So, the quality team of Tasowheel Group joined Kimmo […]

News - 7.7.2020

Lifelong learning at Tasowheel: Reviewing strategy, improving organizing skills

In addition to supporting individual competence development, employee training has to link to the business excellence required to meet future objectives. Competencies reflect the organization’s strategy; that is, they are aligned to short- and long-term missions and goals. Competence leadership is strategic and forward-looking. We see our people as our most important asset and competitive […]

News - 3.7.2020

Lifelong learning at Tasowheel: A new post series

Companies commonly think of employee training as a source of competitive advantage through better quality of products and practices. At Tasowheel, the perspective for continuous learning is broader: by constantly developing its competencies, the company takes responsibility for both its personnel, customers, and environment. Today in the manufacturing industry, attracting a professional workforce is not […]

News - 30.6.2020

Neural networks for forecasting raw material demand

At Tasowheel, collaboration with local universities is a strategic tool for generating new knowledge and staying in the front row of development. Student projects and theses play an important role in collaboration. Recently, computer science student Santeri Kuusisto’s master’s thesis about forecasting raw material demand in the manufacturing industry was published at Tampere University. As […]

News - 26.6.2020

Tasowheel Systems to refurbish slice control automation at the Iggesund mill

The company received a major order from the Iggesund mill for refurbishing a two-headbox slice control system. Tasowheel Systems will supply slice control automation technology to machine KM1, headboxes 2 and 3 at the Iggesund mill in Sweden. The delivery includes 2 x 29 new, motorized slice control actuators and the related equipment. The new […]

News - 5.6.2020

Production in full swing despite Covid-crisis, PART 3

  The lockdown has turned kitchens and even bathrooms into offices. Those of us working from home truly notice the difference, while for others, the constant handwashing may be the only reminder of exceptional times. Read more about Tasowheelers’ every day during the Covid-19 crisis.   Customer service from a construction site It felt unfair […]

News - 12.5.2020

Tasowheel Systems wins major order for Stora Enso rebuild project

Tasowheel Systems has received a major order from Andritz AG for Stora Enso rebuild project in Finland. Tasowheel Systems will supply profiling control (CD control) automation technology to Stora Enso’s Oulu Mill in Finland. Tasowheel delivery is part of Andritz AG scope in the Stora Enso drying machine rebuild, including 88 pcs of full stainless […]

News - 11.5.2020

Production in full swing despite Covid-crisis, PART 2

  Although the remote meetings rock and roll, the sound of silence in the corridor can also be a bluff. Read more about Tasowheelers’ workdays during the lockdown.   Singing in the meetings Pilvi has worked from home for more than a month now with flexible working hours. Flexible means that she starts at 6 […]

News - 4.5.2020

Production in full swing despite Covid-crisis

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Tasowheel continues its business operations and serves its customers normally. Production is in full swing and goods are delivered on time. Although colleagues now meet through a screen, they have managed to keep the positive team spirit and wish the same for everyone else, too. In our new post series, the […]

News - 27.4.2020

Tasowheelin tuotantoa johdetaan tiedolla (TeollisuusSuomi, maaliskuu 2020)

Teollisuudessa etsitään jatkuvasti uusia tapoja järkeistää toimintaa. Kun perinteiset keinot eivät enää tuo etumatkaa, on digitaalisuuden hyödyntämisestä tullut menestyksen avain. Voimansiirtokomponentteja valmistava Tasowheel tarttui uusien teknologioiden mahdollisuuksiin ja oivalsi, että oikea ja oikea-aikainen tieto auttaa tekemään parempia päätöksiä. Moni asia on muuttunut siitä, kun tuotantopäällikkö Mikael Mäkinen tuli Tasowheel Gearsiin vuonna 2001. Silloin tilaukset kilahtivat […]

News - 16.3.2020

Cobots brought Tasowheel and Tampere University together

Last autumn, a group of MSc Robotics students at Tampere University started a project to investigate the deployment of robot systems in Tasowheel’s production. Originally, the idea stemmed from Tasowheel CEO Jarmo Kuikka, who wanted to learn more about collaborative robots and their integration into Tasowheel’s existing production environment. An in-house research was already being […]

News - 11.3.2020

Boosting production efficiency at Tasowheel Gears

In a joint development project with SWD, Tasowheel Gears created new models for production planning and management. As a result, production efficiency was improved and non-productive time between process phases was remarkably reduced. Read the full article in Finnish on SWD’s website.

News - 10.1.2020

Celebrating 40 years of team spirit and sustainable growth

  On a snowstormy Friday in late November, the personnel of Tasowheel gathered together to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. The joyful party offered plenty of action throughout the evening. After keynote speeches, long service awards and delicious celebration buffet, the party guests were guided to a ballroom transformed into a Casino.       […]

News - 19.12.2019

Tasowheel Systems at PAPEREX 2019

The world’s largest paper show, Paperex 2019 took place on 3-6 December at International Exhibition Cum Convention Centre (IECC) in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. As before, Paperex attracted a large gathering of paper manufacturers eager to explore new technology. This year, the show featured over 600 exhibitors from more than 25 countries, among them the […]

News - 12.12.2019

New Production Manager appointed by Tasowheel Systems

Valtteri Forsman has been appointed Production Manager of Tasowheel Systems as of 4 November 2019. Prior to joining Tasowheel, he served as a Line Manager in circular saw production at TKM TTT Finland. With his versatile and solid experience in production technologies, Forsman will undoubtfully master his new responsibilities: production management, development and planning. What […]

News - 4.12.2019

Tasowheel Systems at CIPTE2019

China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference (CIPTE) was held at the World Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, in the middle of October. Once again, the event gathered together hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from China and abroad. CIPTE is the leading Chinese event for Pulp & Paper and a must-attend event for […]

News - 4.11.2019

Tasowheel Gears at MSV International Engineering Fair 2019

The MSV International Engineering Fair, held in Brno 07.-11.10.2019, is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe with more than 1,600 exhibitors and 80 000 visitors. All key areas of engineering and electrical engineering are represented, which attracts a large number of professionals in search of new suppliers and customers every year. Tasowheel Gears […]

News - 30.10.2019

Meet us at Alihankinta 2019 – Subcontracting Trade Fair, Sep 24-26

Tasowheel is exhibiting at Alihankinta 2019, the Subcontracting Trade Fair in Tampere, dedicated to showcase Finnish industry and its leading companies. Welcome to visit us at booth A617! Alihankinta 2019, 24th-26th September, Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre

News - 24.9.2019

Hae Koneistajan RekryKoulutukseen

Tasowheel ja seitsemän muuta pirkanmaalaista yritystä kutsuvat metallialasta kiinnostuneita työttömiä tai työttömyysuhanalaisia työnhakijoita koneistajan RekryKoulutukseen ja sitä kautta työskentelemään koneistuksen tehtävissä. RekryKoulutus antaa koneistuksen perusosaamisen, jonka myötä opiskelijat voivat siirtyä alan tehtäviin ja jatkaa oppimista työsuhteessa, esimerkiksi oppisopimuksella. Koulutuksen aiheita: työturvallisuus konepiirustus menetelmäsuunnittelu terä- ja materiaalituntemus konepajamittaukset CNC-ohjelmointi (Fanuc/Heidenhain) koneasetusten tekeminen laadunhallinta työssä oppiminen Koulutuksen kesto […]

News - 9.9.2019

Gearhouse – the incubator for new manufacturing excellence

Together with Sandvik, Fastems and several other manufacturing companies, Tasowheel participates in an ambitious project with an objective to support the growth and internationalization of Finnish manufacturing companies. Manufacturing Excellence Finland (MEXFinland) is a national ecosystem aimed at boosting the attractiveness and growth of Finnish manufacturing industry. The formation of the ecosystem has been facilitated […]

News - 29.7.2019

Companies of the future: Tasowheel Systems in spotlight

Tasowheel Systems operates in innovative industries where exceptionally precise and silent transmission and motion are needed. Lately, the company’s customer-oriented solutions were introduced in the magazine “Tulevaisuuden yritys” (“Company of the future”) , published as an appendix of Kauppalehti Optio. See the original article in Finnish here (Tasowheel on page 10).

News - 9.5.2019

Replacing old dilution valves boosts paper machine productivity

With over 30 years of experience in serving the paper industry, Tasowheel is the leading provider of dilution actuators and valves for all paper machine needs. Lately, the company completed yet another successful dilution valve change at Norske Skog Saugsbrugs. The reliability of profiling actuators and valves is a key quality factor in the paper […]

News - 17.1.2019