5-axis machining


Five-axis machining is our strong, long-time core competency. Our 5-axis experts are world-class professionals with the best know-how of the latest technologies and enthusiasm to continuously develop the processes to unleash their full potential.

5-axis machining enables machining multiple sides of a part in a single setup. It offers a host of benefits for industries requiring intricately produced complex components. Finishing every phase at one time reduces total cycle times and improves quality.

We currently have seven 5-axis machines for machining components with demanding geometry and extreme accuracy.

More accuracy with 5-axis machining

Modern 5-axis technology enables efficient machining of almost any 3D-contoured surface, including the wings for turbocharger or accurately curved shapes. Because of the increased accuracy, the required machining time per unit is longer, but the total cycle time is dramatically reduced compared to traditional CNC machining. Fewer setups and less handling save time and make the process less prone to errors.