Value Engineering

Understanding the requirements of both the product and the production, we can help our customers get exactly what they want – often with lower costs than expected. Our experts review the customer’s plan from all perspectives, looking at the selection of materials, methods and processes to see if a more cost-effective solution exists.

Working hands-on with the customer’s designers, we analyze the product design plan in terms of producibility. A slight change in the structure can remarkably cut production costs, and a small compromise to the design may give great advantages without putting a crimp on quality.

Examples of modifications that matter:

Is grinding a must or would a best-in-class turning do? Compromising on a non-definitive product attribute may cut off a costly phase in production and save time.

Does the workpiece surface lose its shape in quenching? A special coating both solves the problem and reduces production phases.

Is modularity an option? Producing in bigger batches is less expensive than manufacturing five variants with a tiny difference.

Does tight tolerancing add real value to the product? It determines the required production methods and has a costly impact on final assembly, so let’s make sure it improves product performance and quality.