Tissue Weight Sensors

Online MIR Measurement

Key Features

  • Non-contact, double sided online measurement
  • Real-time, state-of-the-art mid-infrared measuring wavelengths
  • Basis Weight measurement of cellulose based tissue materials
  • More accurate online measurements using large optical components
Tasowheel MIR sensor

Measuring Method

The Scienta MIR absorption-based sensor series 7230 is a double sided, 2-channel or 4-channel InGaAs detector-based Basis Weight sensor for online use. The sensor measures the Mid infrared light absorbed by different wavelengths caused by cellulose on sheet. This signal is digitalized and linearized to correlate to real weights in engineering units. Basis weight range is 5..100 g/m².


To process applications such airlaid, nonwoven and tissue paper lines. The sensor is insensitive to ash, but recycled pulp can influence the measurement accuracy.

  • No radioactive source is required
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Service free construction
  • Easy and convenient to install and operate
  • Full range of scanners available
  • Easy calibration and setup
  • More accurate on-line measurements
  • Faster on-spec quality and reduced start up waste
  • Reduction in rejects due to high performing measurements
  • Minimization of energy consumption by accurate and reliable weight measurements and controls
  • Machine speeds can be increased on drying limited air laid and paper machines
  • Multiple channel sensor technology with micro-optic receiver

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type7230-27230-4
ConstructionDouble sidedDouble sided
Measuring Channels24
Range5 – 100 g/m²5 – 100 g/m²
Accuracy0,1 g/m²0,2 g/m²
Repeatability0,01 g/m² 0,01 g/m²
Recommended measurement
13 mm13 mm
Power Requirement+24V, 1A+24V, 1A
Sensor Type7230-27230-4
Ambient Light Sensitivitynonenone
Profibus Profibus
Sheet color compensationNoYes
2 x analog2 x analog
10-60 ℃
10-95 % RH
10-60 ℃
10-95 % RH
Liquid CoolingOptionalOptional


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