Coat Weight Sensors

Key Features

  • Double-sided or single-sided NIR
  • Non-contact sensors
  • Connection to sensor using Profibus or Modbus fieldbus interface
  • More accurate online measurement with same-spot detection
coat weight sensor

Measuring Method

The Scienta NIR absorption-based sensor series 7235-C is a single sided, 2-channel InGaAs detector-based Coat weight sensor for online use. The sensor measures the infrared light absorbed by different wavelengths.

The sensor can be supplied with 4-channels for multi-material analyses. All channels are measured simultaneously using a same-spot technology and micro-optical receivers.


To process applications such as paper, board, nonwovens, resin impregnation, laminating, foils etc.

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Service free construction
  • Easy and convenient to install and operate
  • Full range of scanners available
  • Easy calibration and setup
  • More accurate on-line measurements
  • Faster on-spec quality and reduced start up waste
  • Reduction in rejects due to high performing measurements
  • Minimization of energy consumption by accurate and reliable Coat Weight measurements and controls
  • Machine speeds can be increased on drying limited paper and board machines
single sided coat weight sensor

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type7235-C
Range5 – 100 g/m²
Accuracy0,15 g/m²
(2 σ)
Repeatability0,01 g/m² (2 σ)
Recommended measurement
100 mm
Power Requirement+24V, 1A
Sensor Type7235-C
Measurement Resolution0,02 g/m²
Profibus DP
Modbus RTU
10-60 ℃
10-95 % RH
Liquid CoolingOptional


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