Scienta 9110 – Scanner Frame

Key Features

  • Medium Size Scanner Model with Stainless Steel covers
  • Up To 6.000 mm beam width
  • Withstands dust and abrasive particles very well
  • Integrated PLC with a choice of brands and models

Installation Examples


Dimensionally stable scanner construction ensures precise sensor alignment. Model 9110 derives its exceptional mechanical stability from a steel

I-beam construction.

Sealed bearings with large diameter wheels assure smooth traversing with minimum wear.

Enclosed by external covers. Model 9110 scanner provides for rigidity with I-beams, steel-reinforced drive belt and climatized construction.

Precision positioning. Model 9110 scanner is driven by an inverter controlled AC motor, providing accurate control of speed and acceleration and precise positioning of +/- 2 mm in single point.

Sheet temperature management and compensation of sensor readings are standard features. The head gap temperature is managed by using heated air curtains.

Scanners may be interconnected with any control and profiling system or mill information system.

Technical Specifications

Scanner Type9110
Construction 180 x 160 mm plated
I-beam steel
construction bolted onto
20 mm thick end plates
DimensionsScanner width max.
6800 mm
Beam width max. 6000 mm
Width RequirementMachine direction: 422 mm
With 3 sensors at 0° pass angle: 600 mm
Frame Height1170 mm
Frame Weight1000 kg plus 100 kg/m
Head PositioningAccuracy +/- 2mm
Scanner Type9110
Scanning Speed100-300 mm/sec
typical, governed by inverter
assuring a smooth operation
Power Requirement110-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 kW max.
Drive beltSteel reinforced PU timing belt
Scanner drive120 W AC with a heavy-duty
tooth-wheel gearbox
Guiding system10 large diam 80 mm neoprene covered wheels supported by an I-beam
6 bars (90psi) oil free
0,01 um filter, 50 l/min


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