Fire drill

Efficient Fire Drill Boosts Safety and Team Readiness

On a beautiful summer day in Tampere, we conducted a fire drill that brought us valuable lessons.

First, everybody learned the importance of a thorough attendance check, which ensures everyone’s safety during an emergency. In the debriefing session held after the drill, responsible personnel shared their observations and comments, which we used to update our operational guidelines. As a result, our procedures meet real-world challenges and best practices.

During the drill, there were also external visitors in the building, allowing us to test and confirm the smoothness of their evacuation. Additionally, we clarified the responsibilities of all team members, which is crucial for effective emergency management.

Fire drill
Our manufacturing manager, Valtteri Forsman, was very pleased that we completed the fire drill within the target time. “This demonstrates our team’s readiness and efficiency in handling emergency situations.”

We received a lot of positive feedback and found a strong willingness to find solutions from all parties involved. We will continue to develop our safety practices to ensure the safe and smooth evacuation of everyone during emergencies.

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