Jenna’s Journey: Blending Theory and Practice

Jenna’s career at Tasowheel highlights the successful blend of academic knowledge and practical application. With a major in production automation and manufacturing, she began as a production planner and has recently been promoted to a senior production planner with the responsibility of overseeing production planning for both Tampere factories.

Reflecting on her journey, Jenna shares how completing her master’s thesis while working at Tasowheel contributed to her growth. “Balancing work and writing my thesis was flexible and allowed me to put into practice my academic knowledge, especially in optimizing the S&OP process (Sales and Operations Planning Process). It was interesting to see how academic theories sometimes differ from industry practices.”

Since joining Tasowheel in April 2022, Jenna has found her role in production planning fulfilling. “My responsibilities have increased, and my opinion is respected. I’m happy to see how much I’ve grown in my role. I now feel that my colleagues have greater trust in my skills and judgment. What I love most about my job is that each day is different. The most difficult challenges involve managing schedule pressures and adapting to changing circumstances while ensuring smooth and continuous production at Tasowheel.”

Production planning requires close co-operation with the production experts.
Production planning requires close co-operation with many departments.

Jenna appreciates the supportive environment at Tasowheel. “I’ve found my colleagues to be really supportive. They’ve always been quick to answer my questions and address any concerns I’ve had. At Tasowheel, my job fits well with my education, and I feel like I’m in the right place. The company values each employee’s interests and strengths, allowing us to contribute to our own education and problem-solving in our daily work.”

When asked about her job, Jenna explains, “I work as a production planner, handling everything from forecasts and sales orders to delivery. This includes opening production orders, capacity and inventory management, and acting as a link between sales, procurement, and manufacturing. Sometimes, I also get to work on little development projects.”

Looking ahead, Jenna is excited about her future at Tasowheel. “I progressed to my current position faster than I initially imagined, so we’ll see what the future brings! Hopefully, interesting projects, and gaining more comprehensive responsibility for the entire production process.” Outside of work, Jenna enjoys, for example, by taking long walks with her dogs and training them in herding, obedience, and rally. She also admits that she loves “speed and dangerous situations”. Well, one cannot be a real mechanical engineer if you don’t like the smell of gasoline a little?

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