Every Effort Counts: Our Green Initiatives

At Tasowheel, environmental responsibility drives our actions and decisions. We actively improve the sustainability of our business in every aspect, implementing tangible steps to more eco-friendliness and operational efficiency.

In recent years, we’ve made significant strides in energy savings at our facilities. A major milestone was the spring 2022 renovation of the ventilation system in our machining hall in Tampere. This upgrade aimed to boost energy efficiency, recovering warm air to heat the premises, resulting in halved district heating consumption compared to the previous year. Additionally, in summer, the system cools the hall, enhancing working conditions and aiding the production of dimensionally accurate products.

The new ventilation system was a major investment.

Another major investment is the renewal of the compressor unit in the machining hall, greatly reducing our electricity consumption. The new compressor unit captures waste heat and uses it to heat the premises. Furthermore, we have replaced all the lights in the machining hall with energy-efficient lamps, significantly lowering daily electricity use.

Recycling has also been a key focus at Tasowheel for a long time. We produce a considerable amount of metal waste, all of which we recycle by selling it to partners who melt it down for reuse. This practice is both ecologically and economically beneficial.

We encourage our employees to adopt energy-saving and environmentally friendly habits. For example, we provide electric car charging stations in our parking lot. Through our bike benefit program, we support employees in choosing bicycles or e-bikes over cars for their commute. Already, over 20% of our employees are enjoying this benefit, acquiring bicycles at a reduced cost and contributing to a greener workplace.

The new ventilation system can be monitored and adjusted remotely.

To further our efforts for a sustainable future, we participate in two programs: the Finnish Motiva and EcoVadis. Recently, we achieved the silver rating in the EcoVadis sustainability program. Motiva offers businesses information, solutions, and services to make resource-efficient, effective, and sustainable choices. We regularly report our energy consumption to Motiva, encouraging us to operate as sustainably as possible. By participating in these voluntary programs, we aim to improve the sustainability and responsibility of our business and inspire others in our field to do the same.

Through these initiatives and programs, Tasowheel not only enhances its own sustainability but also aims to inspire other companies to adopt eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to lead by example and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

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