Solutions, products and assemblies for power and motion transmission from an experienced international technology company.
Services throughout the entire life cycle from commercialization to testing, manufacturing and after-sales services.

Tasowheel Gears

Gears, transmission products and assemblies for medium-duty power transmission

Gear wheels, gears and gear boxes are used in all operations that involve rotating movement. The Tasowheel product portfolio includes spur gears, helical gears, shafts and worm gears, of which also special gearboxes are assembled. All parts and components are manufactured at our own manufacturing facilities.


Development and testing for long-term reliability

Successful co-operation is built on a thorough understanding of the customer’s business and operating environment.

In order to provide insight into the production feasibility of products, we assist our customers in the field of development, material selection, and technical solutions. Close collaboration starting from early product development stages offers an opportunity to manufacture parts and assemblies efficiently, ensuring that, once in use, they work reliably and in line with requirements. We are familiar with various statistical product verification methods.


Gears and shafts

Internal and external spur and helical gears
Individual gear profiles (profile grinding, line dressing)
Manufacturing in line with customer demands up to DIN 4
Flexible machine park
Diameter range 10 - 450 mm
Module range 0.5 - 10 or DP 48 - 2,5



Custom-made transmissions

Gear units often need to fit into a very limited space, or there may be special requirements regarding extremely high precision, special backlash or a very low noise levels.

We manufacture customized helical, bevel and worm gearboxes, which we deliver assembled and tested. In addition to manufacturing products according to the customer's drawings we also provide OEM services from product design to prototype testing and serial manufacturing.



Special components and applications

Typical products include clutch shafts, complex parts for rock drilling equipment, helical ring gears, and various assemblies.

These components feature high-end machining, measurement and documentation.



Commercialization services – Gears, transmissions

In order to provide an insight into production feasibility, we support our customers in the fields of development, design, simulation and testing. Close collaboration starting from the customers’ product development stages offers an opportunity to manufacture products and assemblies efficiently, ensuring that, once in use, they work in line with requirements.

In order to achieve high quality and to provide customers with best possible service, we develop and improve our own processes continuously.

Our manufacturing processes follow the steps of APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning). Several of its elements are applied: flow charts, feasibility studies, process FMEA, control plans, ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reports), PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), and 8D-reports.

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