Porosity sensor

For Air Permeability Analysis

Key Features

  • Contact, one sided online measurement
  • Positive Air Flow method, for high permeability materials
  • Unique and tailored head designs
  • Tolerates sheet fluctuations
  • Correlates well with Gurley, Bendtsen, Coresta etc.
  • Fast measurement suitable for scanning profile measurement

Measuring Method

The Scienta Porosity Sensor measures the air flow through the web while maintaining constant air pressure. The Sensor head is in constant contact with the sheet. High porous / permeable materials are measured using positive air flow pressure. Scienta Porosity sensor is not available for dense / low permeability materials.

Porosity sensor analysis method


To process applications such as filter paper, board, nonwovens, plastics, glass fiber etc.

  • Modern, intelligent sensor design
  • Wide measuring range
  • Good correlation to lab results
  • Service free construction
  • Easy and convenient to install and operate
  • Full range of scanners available
  • Tailor made head designs for various applications
  • Faster on-spec quality and reduced start up waste
  • Reduction in rejects due to high performing measurements
  • Real time information for refining control
  • Better wire and felt management
  • Easy calibration and setup
  • One calibration for multiple grades

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type7270 A
Construction Single sided contact
MethodPositive air pressure
Range Up to 50,000 ml/min
Measuring Frequency5 Hz
Air Supply 6–10 bar, 200 l/min, clean and dry air
Temperature/ head110 ℃ max.
Power Requirements+24V, 2A
Porosity sensor


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