Caliper sensor

Online Thickness Measurement

Key Features

  • Almost non-contact, double-sided online measurement
  • Light touch, no marking on the sheet using sapphire crystal
  • Wide measuring range
  • Tolerates sheet fluctuations
caliper sensor

Measuring Method

The Scienta Thickness Sensor operates on the principle of magnetic reluctance. Due to the light touch on the sheet, the sensor ensures high accuracy without marking of the sheet. Further, sensor heads are mounted on sliding stems and therefore sheet pass line variations do not affect the measurement. Thanks to the proprietary electronics the frequency signal is very stable and the sensor does not require a periodic standardization cycle.


To various process applications such as paper, paperboard, nonwovens, plastic films etc.

  • Modern, proven sensor design
  • Wide measuring range, 40 – 1000 µm
  • Good correlation to lab results
  • Service free construction
  • Easy and convenient to install and operate
  • Full range of scanners available
  • Tailor made head designs for various applications
  • No web marking due to light touch on sheet using sapphire crystal glass surface
  • Sheet vibrations does not effect the measurements
  • Real time information
  • Measures thin papers & transparency films
  • Easy calibration and setup
  • One calibration for multiple grades
  • No periodic standardization cycle needed

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type7240 A
Construction Double sided
sapphire crystal
Measuring MethodMagnetic reluctance
Measuring Range 40 – 1000 µm
Accuracy2 g/m ²
(2 σ)
Repeatability0,3-1,5 µm
Dynamic Correlation1,5 µm
Dynamic Accuracy4 µm (2 sigma)
Power Requirement+24V, 2A
Sensor Type7240 A
Head parallelism
Head parallelism
Heads/ Sheet Plane
Shifts between Heads, horizontal tolerance1 mm
Dust protectionRubber bellows
Air pressure requirement5-8 bar
Air requirement oil frree instrument air
Temperature Range20- 60 °C
Air consumptionO210 l/ min


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