Scienta Oy-Embracing Change and Forging Ahead

Last year Scienta Oy merged into Tasowheel, expanding our Paper QCS portfolio. Scienta brought 70 years of technology expertise, here is the second part of their journey.

As Scienta advanced through over five decades of existence, technological evolution steered the company into new horizons. With each passing year, the company not only grew but also expanded, acquiring other branches of Scienta. This period marked not only a physical expansion but also the passing of the torch to the next generation.

Joakim Stenius, the son of founder Kaj Stenius, began his journey with Scienta at the age of 14, taking on various roles after school and demonstrating a keen interest in electronics. His commitment to the company persisted through high school and university, culminating in his appointment as Technical Director in 1988 and later assuming the role of CEO after his father’s retirement in 1995.

Kaj and Joakim Stenius

In 2019, a new chapter unfolded as Scienta Oy underwent a change of ownership, first to Fastpap in Tampere and subsequently to Tasowheel Oy in 2022. This transition signaled the end of an era but also marked the beginning of a new phase for Scienta, one that would see it merging with Tasowheel, effective October 1, 2023.

The merger was not merely a change but a strategic move that aligned with Tasowheel’s growth targets. Scienta’s legacy of innovation and adaptability integrated into Tasowheel, enhancing our position as a comprehensive Quality Control System (QCS) provider for the pulp and paper industry, as well as in the converting and nonwoven industries.

Joakim Stenius, now in the role of Tasowheel’s Senior Product Manager, continues to contribute to the research and development of new QCS technology.

Joakim & a 1010 scanner frame

“I am happy to join the Tasowheel family and see that the work my father started has a future. Upwards and onwards! “

Joakim Stenius, Senior Product Manager

Tasowheel proudly carries forward the Scienta brand for QCS measurement systems, ensuring that the pioneering spirit of Scienta Oy lives on.

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