Tasowheelers unite for team-building and outdoor activities

Past Friday the Tasowheelers at Tampere had their annual afternoon of recreational activities. Despite the heavy morning fog, attendees were fortunate to enjoy a sunny late-summer weather.

Upon the company premises, collaborative teambuilding exercises were conducted in groups of 4 to 5. This approach facilitated the integration of personnel from diverse departments within Tasowheel. The teams engaged in a series of challenges, some of which required problem-solving and effective communication, while others emphasized speed and precision. According to the attendees, certain tasks resembled those on the televised reality show, “Survivor.” The identity of the winning team remains pending.

The difficulty of throwing a table tennis ball to the egg carton was a surprise for many.

The latter part of the day presented a choice between engaging in a paintball excursion in the forest or an introduction to golf. After the paintball session, participants were sweaty and exhausted, but most importantly, happy. A consensus emerged among players that they would love to go again.

”What was left from the game is a good mood and great team spirit, and a couple of bruises, of course”. – Said one of the players laughing.

Meanwhile, the golf contingent was divided into two groups, providing each member the opportunity to refine their putting and driving techniques with two skilled instructors. The afternoon was rounded up in a relaxed dinner, chats, and laughs with the colleagues.

At the end of the day the swing was getting very convincing.