NOPS P14 sponsorship

Supporting movement and well-being of young people

While we encourage our employees to maintain good physical and mental health through physical activity, we also want to support children’s and adolescents’ engagement in sports by sponsoring some selected teams and athletes. Encouraging young people to keep on moving also provides counterbalance for the increasing time spent daily on smartphones.

In today’s digital age, excessive screen time is a common issue. This applies to both adults and children, as smartphones have become an integral part of daily activities. Finnish youth spend up to almost 6 hours on their smart devices, while younger children average around 3 hours*. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage children and adolescents to participate in physical activities for their overall well-being.

To contribute to healthy living and create a safe and supportive social environment for children and youth, we support several, selected local sports teams across different disciplines such as football, ice hockey, floorball, and Frisbee golf. In addition, Tasowheel also values the social benefits such team sports provide. Children learn to cooperate, to be considerate of others, and to listen to teammates – all social skills we appreciate in the work life as well.

Susanna, a financial specialist at Tasowheel and a mom whose son plays in NoPS P14 (Nokian Palloseura), a team sponsored by Tasowheel, describes how the financial support provides concrete benefits to the team.

“Now as the team has successfully made their way into higher division, the success in football games comes with more traveling around the country. Naturally, this also means more expenses in traveling costs, for which Tasowheel’s sponsorship gives a meaningful impact and financial help.”

NOPS P14 sponsorship 2
For Tasowheel, it has been a great honor to support the football team’s success. Again, the team ended up winning their division in Lahti Soccer 2023 tournament. Great job NoPS P14!

Developing fair team play and spirit is essential for young people, and it is a cherished value at Tasowheel. Whether in sports or the workplace, success is achieved by following common culture, working together towards shared goals, and embracing joy. This fosters a solid foundation for an enjoyable and secure social environment, which is highly important for both children and Tasowheelers.

*Statistics Finland (2023). More time spent in front of screens in 2021 than ever before. Cited: 7.7.2023.