Newcomers at Tasowheel

Newcomers working hands-on at Tasowheel

This year, we have a record number of interns and summer employees. They are involved in various tasks, from the early stages of production to assembly and production planning.

Some of them have been at Tasowheel already for several weeks, while others have just started. The newcomers find that they have been warmly welcomed and they consider the work tasks interesting and the colleagues pleasant. We are pleased to have received positive feedback from them:

“Support has been present throughout the entire onboarding process. Initially, there was more guidance, but soon I was able to work more independently. This was a good way to learn new things. It is nice that responsibilities and self-sufficiency have increased along the way.”

“At first, work was slower, but now I can see that things are running smoothly, and sometimes it gets busy too. It’s nice to notice that my work is appreciated.”

“I learned the basics in school, but I have also encountered a lot of new things at Tasowheel. For example modifying existing setups for various components. Also quality control with a separate measuring machine has been a new aspect.”

The old Tasowheelers are happy about the additions to their teams. Many have described the new colleagues with positive attributes such as proactive, interested, precise, diligent and quick learners. It seems that they have all keys to success in the future with these qualities. Welcome to the team!