Investing in safer school journeys

Safety is a top priority at Tasowheel, and thus we feel the urge to contribute to young children’s safety on their way to school as well.

As the youngest pupils head to school with limited knowledge on traffic rules, and increased possibility of heading focus on other interesting things than the by-passing cars, there is always an increased risk of fateful accidents. As a company, we at Tasowheel feel that if there is something we can do to increase the safety of these first graders, we want to do our bit.

Tasowheel’s contribution was directed on the safety vests of the youngest pupils in Hatanpää elementary school in Tampere.

Pieni Kulkija is a safety initiative, through which companies can donate high-visibility safety vests to local schools, to improve the youngest pupils’ safety when they are heading to school. Traditionally these safety vests are handed to children at the start of the school year. Last autumn up to almost 1200 companies around Finland took part in the initiative, which resulted in 17 000 young pupils having their own vest to be visible during the dark time of the year. Once again, it has been our pleasure to take part in the Pieni Kulkija initiative!