Lauri, tekninen asiantuntija Tasowheelillä

Curiosity and the Desire to Advance in Career Takes far

Among gearwheels, Lauri is an ‘old hand’. Experience, ambition, desire to improve and ability to take responsibility has taken him far, and nowadays he works as a technical specialist at Tasowheel.

By now, I have worked amongst with gearwheels for 21 years, of which six years I have enjoyed my time at Tasowheel. Six years ago, I was longing for new challenges and possibilities to advance in my career, and hence I ended up in Tasowheel. Back then I started as a machinist, and from that day on I have advanced in my career, step by step, and now work as a technical specialist amongst gearwheels. My job description and range of responsibilities are rather wide, and it is difficult to put it shortly what I do. Among other things, I am responsible of gearing technology, I make sure that the production of different products would run smoothly, I take care of programming robots and deployment of machines and devices. In addition, I am responsible of a lot of problem solving – whether related to machine tools, production processes, or qualitative flaws in produce.

Lauri, a technical specialist at Tasowheel
The ability of small details on gearswheels to affect large entities and mechanisms keeps Lauri fascinated about them

The reasons I have advanced in my career at Tasowheel, are my endless interest in gearwheels, my desire to improve my know-how and the perseverance of mine. What is fascinating about gearwheels, are the littlest details, and the fact how those little details have a big impact on large entities and mechanisms. What then comes to improving oneself and own know-how, Tasowheel provides excellent ground for that. Even though I think the job itself teaches a lot, Tasowheel provides opportunities to attend different courses, if one is interested. In fact, own interest is the key in all advancement, and in my case, any high education has not been needed.

“The most important thing is to keep up the curiosity and to work hard and relentlessly. I have succeeded to show that I am good at my job, and I am ready to take responsibility. That’s why I have jumped into such a high position at Tasowheel.”

I like my job, and I enjoy coming to the work place every single day. As an employer Tasowheel is flexible, as settling family life and work has never been an issue here, and everyone is very understanding. In addition, the feeling of togetherness and doing things together feel great. There seems to be not that big hierarchies between different levels within the company, but everyone is all in it together. Problems are solved together. Even though I have a lot of responsibilities, on my spare time I get unwound by taking care of our farm, forest and our family’s house.