Good quality control brings back customers, not products

Quality is paramount for us. Learn how our Senior Quality Specialist Joonas Jokinen and his team take care that the customers get exactly what they ordered.

My team has a simple goal: to develop Tasowheel’s production quality. How? By creating standardized methods and practices that enable no errors. In case of any abnormality observed, we have a clear procedure extending from root cause analysis to establishing permanent corrective and preventive actions.

Our goal is to make the customer come back – not the product.

Simply put, it is my task and duty to make sure that our products never come back. That requires an optimal customer experience, including comprehensive on-time documentation. Products are of better value when there are proper documents verifying their quality. Customers must be confident that they get what they ordered – now and in future.

A control plan is a crucial part of production.

Control plans take a lion’s share of my time. We make one for almost every product – and there are plenty of them! A control plan defines all measurements, inspection frequencies, and quality checks required at each manufacturing phase, including the instructions for handling non-conformances. A fully tailored and integrated control plan program is our pride. It generates online measurement reports and transfers their data automatically to a database for statistical analysis.

Senior Quality Specialist Joonas Jokinen is proud of Tasowheel’s extensive set of quality control equipment.

We don’t rate customers or qualities.

Our perspective is black and white. Customers have their unique needs for the tightest tolerances in certain qualities. Should the product not fill those requirements, we only have three options: rework, get approval for nonconformity, or dismiss the product.

Coordinate measuring is closest to my heart.

We have an impressive set of top-of-the-line equipment for quality control: from gear measuring machines to optical and coordinate measuring devices, such as Zeiss Contura, Duramax, and Hommel Opticline. With my long experience in coordinate measuring and in versatile customer needs, I have a good touch about measuring complex forms and solving different challenges. Yet I’m always eager to learn more. It is eye-opening to go to the customers and assist them in measuring issues. Even though I am the expert there, it is also a great opportunity to learn.

Doubt inspires know-how.

This job asks for an analytic mind, curiosity, and a little scepticism – towards one’s own and others’ work. Doubt is a key to in-depth understanding and personal development. Positive communication skills are a must since we often contact others for less positive reasons, like when pointing at deficits and places for improvement or making new requirements. It is important to have time for more casual discussions and coffee breaks with colleagues. The silent information of these informal chats is priceless.

Joonas Jokinen

Senior Quality Specialist

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