Partner in spotlight: Giuliani

Did you know that Tasowheel is a market leader in manufacturing profile control and CD control actuators for paper machines? Having an experience of over forty years, we have delivered more than 200 000 actuators worldwide. Whereas our company headquarters and manufacturing are based in Finland, our customers and representatives are located in every corner of the globe – or at least, wherever paper or paper machines are being manufactured. That is why we need to have a strong global network of sales and service representatives.

We are proud of our longest co-operation that started over ten years ago with our Italian sales and representative, Giuliani S.r.l., says Jukka Ahlstedt, Sales Manager at Tasowheel Systems.

Founded in 1933, Giuliani‘s history in the paper industry is even longer than that of Tasowheel.

For us, Giuliani is an ideal representative of partnership and knowhow. Their customer communication is highly professional, and they possess an impressive ability to understand customer needs and aspirations.

Representing a wide variety of high-quality products for the paper industry, Giuliani can provide the customers with an extensive product and service offering. This makes customer meetings efficient and beneficial for all parties.

Serving the Italian customers in their own language, Giuliani is our valuable local sales and service support and, thus, implement our strategy to be globally local and close to the customer.

Italy is well-known for its advanced manufacturing of paper machine components. A majority of Tasowheel customers in Italy, like in many other countries, are paper machine and paper machine component manufacturers, and more often, paper mills as the end customers. The Giulianis have excellent relationships with all these customer groups and a tradition of frequent meetings to ensure the best possible solutions for customer needs. And when the most nuanced technical details of profile controls matter, Tasowheel’s global specialist network is always at hand and ready to help. It is also possible to have a Tasowheel specialist join the meeting.

Especially the paper mills prefer operating with the original component manufacturer. Regarding profile controls, it is often Tasowheel – a surprise for many. As an example, Tasowheel, together with Giuliani Srl, provides the original spare parts to nearly all profile control actuators provided by Valmet.

Paolo and Francesco Giuliani serve Tasowheel’s customers in Italy

Tasowheel contact in Italy:

GIULIANI S.r.l., Via Durini, 26 – 20122 Milano, Italy

tel: +39 02 76023341