New Development Manager spots the best practices

Petri Keski-Korpela has been appointed Development Manager of Tasowheel Group as of November 2020. He is a positive and encouraging team player, who believes that being systematic frees brain capacity for more important decisions.

Petri has over 20 years of international experience in the mechanical industry and an impressive track record in managing production, quality and development. However, after working with big components and listed companies, he has certainly shifted into a new gear in his career.

Development Manager Petri Keski-Korpela guides all Tasowheel companies to an integrated way of doing things

How did you learn about Tasowheel?

I have known Tasowheel since my engineering studies. I even applied for a job here when I was doing my final thesis at ATA Gears. However, it took over two more decades for me to arrive!

Were there any surprises?

Although I was familiar with Tasowheel’s continuous investment in new technology, I had no idea that the machine park is this modern with robots and a high level of automation. Also, quality assurance is impressively well-structured.

What are your main responsibilities?

In the big picture, my task is to build and implement an integral group-level strategy for IT, quality and business development. Consequently, that will also lead to a coherent customer experience throughout the organization. At the moment, we are creating a three-year strategy for both IT and Lean Management, as well as working towards IATF certification.

What is your primary strategy in unifying the practices of three Tasowheel companies?

Benchmarking. Each company has its unique strengths that can benefit the others, as well as gaps in performance that we can turn into opportunities for improvement. My aim is to spot the best business practices and apply them to the processes throughout the organization.

What are your personal assets?

I always see the bright side in situations and do my best to exude positivity. People also say that I have a natural systematic approach which, I believe, reflects my passion to get things done. It may seem a little strict at first to have certain routines, but I don’t see it that way. An organized working style frees my brain capacity for handling more important things.

Do you have any special areas of development?

I’m currently trying to get a grip of the massive IT infrastructure we have here. Its scope is unforeseen to me. The automotive industry’s international quality management system standard is also extremely interesting. Complying with it is no cinch.

What do you think is the next big developmental trend in manufacturing?

After the on-going technological shift, it will be most important to put people first. Without the trained teams, manufacturers face losing out on the enhanced efficiency that technological investments could yield. It is delightful to see how Tasowheel invests in people and promotes a culture of persistent learning.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Tasowheel?

You can sense the positive energy. There are lots of projects going on at the moment, but people see them as signs of a good spirit and growth.

How do you spend your free time?

Most often on two wheels. I am especially into mountain biking, and now that I have e-bikes, my tours may last 5-6 hours. I ride approximately 4000 kilometres a year. 

What is the secret skill that your colleagues may not know about you?

Well, I have a long history in sheepdog training, and I belonged to the Finnish National Team in Nordic and Continental Sheepdog Championship trials for five years. Now we only have one retired sheepdog anymore.