New investments and installations despite the pandemic

Despite the disruptive impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, Tasowheel continues its major investments in manufacturing and new technology. Travel restrictions and quarantines require some extra planning and creativity in the installation and onsite start-ups of new equipment.

Last week, a new grinding machine from Fritz Studer AG was successfully installed in Tasowheel factory in Tampere. Service Engineer Peter Keimling supervised the installation onsite, provided technical support throughout the installation process and gave hands-on training for Tasowheel operators.

Was it hard to get to Finland during this exceptional time?

Well, there were some practicalities. Most importantly, permissions from the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare were needed for entering Finland. I had to take a Covid-19 test before leaving Switzerland and another one 72 hours after arrival. One more compulsory test awaits me back in Switzerland.

Were there any quarantine rules after your arrival?

During the first days, I had to stay in my hotel room and also work isolated at Tasowheel premises, including a separate toilet and a separate room for eating and working. But after three days and another nose test, no more special restrictions were needed. Tasowheel had organized everything in advance, so things went smoothly.

How did the installation go?

Very well! At first, we had some challenges with the machine, but thanks to our amazing team we were able to settle everything rather quickly. Installation is always teamwork, and I am proud of my colleagues here at Tasowheel. It was also delightful to see some female experts working with our machine – that is something rather unusual elsewhere in Europe.

Has the pandemic caused any extra challenges in your work?

The most challenging thing now is to ensure that everyone gets all the required information. My main objective is that the customer is happy with the machine. The better the training goes, the better the customer knows the machine, and consequently, the better the machine serves.

Was this your first time in Finland?

Finland is an important market for us, and this is my fourth time here. I especially like the friendly and helpful atmosphere in Finland.

Did you have any chance to look around in Tampere?

Weekends were for relaxing. I strolled in the city centre, enjoyed the wonderful view from Skybar and drove to the countryside to see the lakes.

Installation is teamwork. Service Engineer Peter Keimling from Fritz Studer AG and Tommi Pihlman from Tasowheel Gears took care that the new grinding machine installation and start-up went smoothly despite the pandemic restrictions.