Production in full swing despite Covid-crisis, PART 3

The lockdown has turned kitchens and even bathrooms into offices. Those of us working from home truly notice the difference, while for others, the constant handwashing may be the only reminder of exceptional times. Read more about Tasowheelers’ every day during the Covid-19 crisis.

Customer service from a construction site

It felt unfair at the moment: being stuck in a small apartment when the Spanish sun was shining and there was a beautiful beach right beside the house. Now, Kati from Tasowheel Systems is actually grateful for practicing the lockdown in advance on her holiday in March. She has been working from home since then, and the view from her new “office” is far from beaches and the sun. In fact, there is no view at all.

There is a façade renovation going on in our house, so all the windows are covered with plastic and the balcony door is locked.

However, the work environment is much better now than during the first renovation weeks with constant sandblasting noise in the background. Even the kitchen table that serves as a desk shakes a lot less. Only the remote meetings are still best to run in the silence of the bathroom.

Apart from the facilities, Kati’s working days in the after-sales services have not remarkably changed. She handles order confirmations, sales quotations and purchases, organizes transportation, and ensures that the customers are happy. Just her colleagues at the office need to make their own coffee now that she is not around.

The days are really busy. We have a delightfully good order backlog for the entire spring.

After work, Kati usually goes walking with her friends in the nearby recreational area. At least, it is still possible to make the world a better place and get some exercise at the same time.

I miss seeing everybody from work, talking and laughing with them. I hope that will change soon. And that the days will get warmer, so that the construction workers can finally take their shirts off!

Dry hands remind of the crisis

If it wasn’t for the dry hands due to the constant sanitizing, Harri could probably not tell that his days as the Production Supervisor of Tasowheel Gears are somehow exceptional. Although the production facilities are closed and can only be entered in strictly limited issues, the days behind the factory walls are as usual.

We are working full speed all the time. The production is not affected by the situation, but the gears keep rolling.

Since the release of the new corporate guidelines in March, Harri and his team are taking a number of precautions, like minimizing physical meetings, keeping distance to each other, introducing extra cleaning, and encouraging employees to work from home whenever possible.

There have been no COVID-19 infections, but people have stayed fit and healthy. The remote services of occupational health care have appeared useful.

I am impressed by all our people who do such great work in these uncertain times.

Harri considers himself lucky to be able to work every day as before. It is his number one source of positivity during an exceptional and undefined period.

It is good to see people, even from a distance, and to maintain your everyday rhythm.

Sticking to old routines has been possible in leisure time, too – with just a little finetuning. An in-house gym has proven to be a great workout place and the same communication tools that are used for meetings can also be used for more casual get-togethers with friends.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Tasowheel continues its business operations and serves its customers normally. Production is in full swing and goods are delivered on time. Although colleagues now meet through a screen, they have managed to keep the positive team spirit and wish the same for everyone else, too. In our post series,”Tasowheelers” reveal how the crisis has affected their working life and how they cope with the restrictions we all need to follow.