Production in full swing despite Covid-crisis

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Tasowheel continues its business operations and serves its customers normally. Production is in full swing and goods are delivered on time. Although colleagues now meet through a screen, they have managed to keep the positive team spirit and wish the same for everyone else, too.

In our new post series, the ”Tasowheelers” reveal how the crisis has affected their working life and how they cope with the restrictions we all need to follow.

Goods keep flowing

It is another busy day in the logistics department. Samu and his colleague work full hours and take care that the goods keep moving and the customers of Tasowheel Gears get their products on time, safe and sound even in these trying times. As the crisis has hit some regions more than others, some international customers have needed to shut down their operations, but at the same time, there are others with an even growing demand. Consequently, the amount of goods being shipped has not changed, just some of the work routines.

The pulse is the same, you just follow the new rules to reduce the risk of an infection to a minimum: keep distance, wear gloves and wash your hands frequently.

The weekly meetings have moved online but are just as efficient and informative as before.

Only the meeting catering is worse now: virtual buns are not so tasty.

As an enthusiastic runner, Samu has not needed to modify his hobbies during the lockdown – he has just picked the less crowded paths. Having fewer options for leisure time has made him spend more time with his family, which is Samu’s number one hint for reloading batteries during stressful times.

Busy days with extra spurts

At Tasowheel Tikka, the spring has definitely been a little exceptional, that is, exceptionally busy. Although the infection rate is a clean zero, there have been some more sick notes due to the strict rules to stay home in case of any suspicion of illness. In addition, while some subcontractors have shut down at short notice, the Tikka team has needed to take a few extra spurts in order to keep to the schedule.

Production manager Antti thanks his colleagues for sharing a good attitude throughout the stressful times. The corporate-level guidelines also apply in Tikkakoski, in addition, they have created their own instructions for lunch breaks and other practices that regulate the number of people getting together in the same place at the same time. Live meetings of more than five people are prohibited.

Yet our small team of only four people can still have its weekly in-person meetings.

Being able to work every day, meet people, and hold on to the normal daily life has been Antti’s most important asset for staying positive and optimistic. Exercise in nature comes next.

When the gyms are closed, you can always do a workout outside. I play frisbee golf with my colleagues and friends several times a week. That is still safe and relaxing.