Tasowheel Tikka Oy

Contract-manufacturing services for the most exceptional needs

Tasowheel Tikka offers subcontracting services to the machine building and process industry. Our core fields of expertise are the development, manufacturing and prototype testing of hydraulic subassemblies that feature complex geometry, tight tolerances, and superior surface quality.

Among our customers, we are known for the production of precision parts and assemblies that feature demanding raw materials, such as acid-resistant steel, complex geometry, tight tolerances, and superior surface quality. Our process covers the production of multi-staged precision components from lathing and milling through to manufacturing and testing. A modern, state-of-the art machine base fits especially well for medium-sized production series and the manufacturing of prototypes.

Tasowheel in short

Our core competence:

  • Hydraulic components
  • Subassemblies
  • Product testing
  • High accuracy engine components
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Our contract-manufacturing services include the manufacturing of a wide range of hydraulic components and subassemblies, as well as customized services for product testing.


We have flexible manufacturing facilities and skilled staff, the competence of which is continuously updated. We rely on proven technologies and processes to ensure high-quality products.


Our customers are globally operating companies in various industries. As a trusted partner, we offer them long-term support throughout the product life cycle.