Zone by zone



The Zone-by-Zone approach is designed with customers´ real-world needs in mind. CD profiling actuators can be exchanged one-by-one or in larger quantities, spanning from the headbox to coaters, to the steambox and moisturizing systems. In choosing to replace only the necessary compoents, customer can significantly save on costs that would result from full overhauls or replacement systems, while still enjoying the benefits from improving the process system. This solution offers high perfotmance of the CD control system and maximizes the lifetime of the system.


While some papermakers opt for a one-shot replacement of all actuators, some have replaced them gradually , thereby spreading the costs over a longer period. In the Zone-by-Zone method, CD profiling actuators and dilution valves can be replaced individually or many at a time. This flexible solution allows pulp and papermakers to gradually modernize their system and only replace what is necessary and when. This can extend the lifetime of the CD profiling system and help keep their budgets in check.


It is common nowadays, the original spare parts are not available anymore and renovation of entire system is costly and not very practical. As a first step with zone-by-zone can be e.g. to replace first two actuators and – dilution valves. After testing the new actuators under real circumstances for a couple of months, it is proved that replacing actuators work together with originals without any troubles. After that zone-by-zone actuator replacement can continue on need basis.


This gradual approach is also suited to situations where the electronics need updating but the mechanics of the actuators are in good shape. An electronic upgrade sometimes satisfies the need and the budget.