Health Technology – solutions


Demanding components

  • Compact electromechanical solutions
  • Customized OEM component manufacturing
  • Special demands for each application
  • X-ray imaging mechanics
  • Grating units
  • SPR laser scanning mechanics
  • Liquid dosing mechanics
X-ray imaging mechanics
  • Wormgear for panoramic X-ray imaging
  • Verified high resolution scanning result
  • Quiet and smooth run of the gear transmission
  • High grade gears are reducing vibration and increasing accuracy of the transmission
  • Over 100000 units delivered
  • All Finnish imaging companies is using Tasowheel solution
Grating units
  • Backlash-free grating unit for optical solutin
  • Position accuracy 0,01° in 20 ms
  • Optical wave lenght within 0,5 nm
  • Used to fast and precise movement dynamics
  • 100% functional tested
  • Required synchronized movement of the most demanding applications:
  • Four grating units sequential in a optical row are used for molecular analysis
  • SPR application, Laser scanning and focusing with the prisma
XYZ Autosampler solutions
  • Semi and full automatic manipulators with compact electromechanical solution
  • Automation of samples from 96-well plate format allows flexible solution
  • Autosampler xyz mechanic
  • Samples storage with temperature control
  • Automated Liquid Handling and Dispensing
  • Sample dosing syringepump
  • Constant flow buffer-syringe pump with a relief valve
  • Automatic valves for sample handling
  • Tailored peristaltic pumps