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Grating units for research devices

Tasowheel has developed a backlash free grating unit based on stepper motor and worm gear mechanisms. It enables a positioning accuracy of 0.01 degree for a prism or a lens and provides precise wavelength selection option for spectrophotometers and other measurement instruments.

The grating unit can also be used in various other devices requiring accurate rotation movement and positioning.



Motorized grating mechanism for demanding positioning solutions in research devices


  • Backlash-free grating unit for optical solutions
  • Position accuracy 0,01° in 20 ms
  • Optical wavelength filter within 0,5 nm
  • 100% functionally tested


Required synchronized movement of the most demanding applications:

  • Monochromators
  • Grating optic for molecular analysis
  • SPR application with laser scanning

Grating mechanism can be customized according to the process requirements


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Position accuracy
up to 0,01°

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