Gears keep the world moving.


Tasowheel Gears is a reliable partner with over 40 years of manufacturing experience. Our customers benefit from our flexibility, competent service and fast response. Geared components are the heart of any gearbox. We manufacture both external and internal spur and helical gears and shafts according to our customer’s drawings and requirements. In order to provide our customers with high-class products and best possible service, we strive for continuous improvement in all our operations. In addition, to meet the quality expectations and requirements of our international customers, our production system is constantly verified and upgraded.
Our core competence:

Gear ground shafts and gears in medium-sized volumes

Gears and shafts

We provide high-quality gears and shafts, which are essential for any high-class power transmission assembly.

Custom-made transmissions

When a standard gear box does not perform as desired, we can offer you a customized solution.

Special components and applications

Tasowheel Gears offers expertise in complex parts and applications even for extreme conditions.

Design and manufacturing know-how

Our experienced staff has an extensive knowledge in manufacturing and we are determined to use it for our customers.