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Fine-tuning with actuators and valves to rise up to production needs

German leading paper and board producer Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel GmbH and Co. wanted to improve CD profiling by upgrading from manual to automated dilution control on board machine KM3 in a headbox modernization in September 2015.

Choosing the right solution

Good business investments require consideration of all solutions and carefully weighing up options. Varel made the decision to go with Tasowheel for a customer-oriented, retrofit solution that met their exact needs. It made sense to install Tasowheel linear dilution actuators and valves featuring real position feedback into the machine and not install more equipment than necessary.

In the Zone-by-Zone method, CD profiling actuators can be replaced individually or many at a time. This flexible solution allows pulp and papermakers to gradually modernize their system and only replace what and when is necessary. This can extend the lifetime of the CD profiling system and help businesses keep their budgets in check.

Mr. Mattias Griem, Manager of Process Automation at Varel, explains that the ultimate goal was to have “better control and less plugging in the dilution water valves”. This goal was met through the installation of Tasowheel actuators and valves. The valves are now flushed automatically in groups, which helps to prevent congestions. With plugging in the valves eliminated, production breaks have been reduced according to Mr. Thomas Müller, Manager of Production and procurist. Mr. Griem also points out: “This improved profile control makes the stacking of the sheets on pallets better. That in turn is beneficial for transportation”.

By installing only what was needed, Varel was able to save on costs and also space by not having to install more equipment than required on site.

A friendly and effective cooperation

Tasowheel has experience in actuators and valves to a tune of hundreds of thousands – this helps Tasowheel be a real world expert with a down-to-earth customer orientation. From the headquarters in Tampere, Finland, Tasowheel is at the customer’s service with high quality manufacturing and fitting solutions based on a real care for the customer’s process and production.

Varel’s cooperation with Tasowheel has been enjoyable and productive as “Tasowheel really listened to us and took the customer seriously”, explains Mr. Griem. “The solution to the project was worked out together with good communication”, he adds.

Importantly, “Tasowheel always responded quickly to questions and comments” and Mr. Griem appreciates “the flexibility of Tasowheel in relation to delivery”. As a whole, “it was a good collaboration” and Varel really appreciates that “Tasowheel did not try to sell a complete package, but listened to the customer’s specific requests”, he explains. On site Tasowheel also gave the necessary technical support to ensure efficiency.

Operations are business as usual and Mr. Griem says that he has heard no complaints about Tasowheel products from his colleagues, which is a positive thing – things are running smoothly. While Tasowheel delivered the actuators and valves, engineering was done by p+p project from Switzerland.

According to Mr. Müller and Mr. Volker Langhammer, Director of Board Production, the second board machine will be considered for a similar future project also including Tasowheel actuators and valves for automated dilution control.


Process industry

Tasowheel supplies CD profiling systems and related components needed in the optimization of the pulp and paper process . More than 200,000 actuators and dilution valves supplied by Tasowheel are operating in the processes of the world’s leading pulp, paper and board producers.
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In addition to manufacturing, we collaborate with our clients in the field of research and development in order to ensure that all manufactured products are fit for purpose - the most demanding applications included.
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Health technology

Tasowheel develops and manufactures gears and transmissions for applications, in which extremely precise and silent motion is necessary. In addition to transmission products, we offer certification and measuring services to ensure safe use of all products manufactured and supplied by us.
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