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Engineering services

You have an idea? Let’s discuss it together, and we will assist you in developing a feasible concept by solving the details. You will have more time to focus on researching, networking and marketing

  • Feasibility optimisation
  • R&D / Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering with CAD tools
  • Specialist in gears and transmission
  • Production cost optimation with CAM tools
  • Special tools engineering for gear manufacturing
  • HW and SW engineering
  • Automation engineering
  • Critical test engineering
  • Skilful partner network
  • Quality control and testing

Specified for extremely precise and silent movement


At Tasowheel Systems we are committed to take responsibility in this special field, in which precise control and product safety are emphasized. Identification and traceability of products throughout the manufacturing stages are essential features of our services.
All precision mechanical parts and components are manufactured and tested at our own facilities.
We offer a full service portfolio from design, engineering and manufacturing through to testing and quality verification. We assist you throughout your development project or participate in some stages.
Tasowheel Systems develops and manufactures gears and transmissions for applications, in which extremely precise and silent motion is necessary. In addition to transmission products, we offer certification and measuring services to ensure safe use of all products manufactured and supplied by us.

A wide scope of services for the healthcare industry

Tasowheel Systems cooperates with innovative companies on projects, in which know-how in exceptionally precise and silent transmission and motion is needed. For example, together with health technology companies we have developed applications that benefit healthcare services. We offer solutions and expertise for project phases from development through to manufacturing, and supply of customer-specific equipment

  • Over 35 year experience in manufacturing transmission parts into medical devices
  • Our experience, know how and advanced machining enables us to produce extremely demanding components
  • We serve by excellent communication and production quality  – accompanied with documentation that exploit state-of-the-art technology
  • Precision gears, screw and racks for dosing mechanics
  • Worm gears and worms for X-ray devices
  • Top expert manufacturing for healthcare and medical application
  • Manufacturing of precision mechanics
  • Engineering in mechanics, electronics and control
  • Products ready assembled and tested
  • Quality verification
  • Wide network of professionals for subcontracting

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