Solutions, products and assemblies for power and motion transmission from an experienced international technology company.
Services throughout the entire life cycle from commercialization to testing, manufacturing and after-sales services.

Tasowheel Tikka

Tasowheel Tikka offers subcontracting services to the machine building and process industry. Among our customers, we are known for the production of precision parts and assemblies that feature demanding raw materials such as acid-resistant steel, complex geometry, tight tolerances, and superior surface quality. The process covers the production of multi-staged precision components from lathing and milling through to manufacturing and testing. A modern, state-of-the art machine base fits especially well for medium-sized production series and the manufacturing of prototypes.


In order to provide insight into production feasibility, we support our customers’ technical teams in the field of development and testing. Close collaboration starting from the customers’ product development stages offers an opportunity to manufacture parts and assemblies efficiently, ensuring that, once in use, they work in line with specifications and requirements.



Hydraulic components
Manufacturing of hydraulic manifolds and valves for moving machinery

Subassemblies for combustion engine fuel systems and paper machines

Product testing
Pressure tests, seal tests, functional tests

Power transmission components and gears
Manufacturing of customized power transmission components.
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Commercialization services – Subcontracting

Insight into a product’s manufacturing feasibility is valuable information for the customers’ development and design teams. Our team is committed to the customers’ projects starting from the early stages of development. During this work, we provide ideas and give recommendations regarding materials, machinability and manufacturing feasibility. Our goal is to facilitate developing and commercializing products efficiently and competitively. In this work, prototype production and testing also play an important role.

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