Solutions, products and assemblies for power and motion transmission from an experienced international technology company.
Services throughout the entire life cycle from commercialization to testing, manufacturing and after-sales services.

Tasowheel Systems

Solutions, components and services for paper and board production

Tasowheel Systems develops and supplies solutions for CD profiling optimization, as well as components, spare parts and maintenance services for paper and board processes. Over 200,000 actuators and dilution valves manufactured and supplied by Tasowheel are operating in paper production processes worldwide.

A wide scope of services for the healthcare industry

Tasowheel cooperates with innovative companies on projects, in which know-how in exceptionally precise and silent transmission and motion is needed. For example, together with health technology companies we have developed applications that benefit healthcare services. We offer solutions and expertise for project phases from development through to manufacturing, and supply of customer-specific equipment and components.

Paper industry – solutions, products and services

Tasowheel provides expertise in CD-profile optimization for paper producers. A comprehensive delivery for a CD control system modernization includes valves and actuators as well as CD profile control systems including interface to the existing QCS system.

Actuators and dilution valves manufactured and delivered by Tasowheel are operating in the paper machines of the biggest producers worldwide. In addition to design, manufacturing and maintenance regarding solutions, products and services for CD profile optimization we place considerable experience at the disposal of our customers.



Zone by Zone

CD profiling actuators can be exchanged one by one or in larger quantities from headbox through to coaters, steambox and moisturizing systems.

Actuator server

The Tasowheel actuator server is designed for actuator control and communication interface to QCS

CD controls

Tasowheel CD control solutions play an important role when it comes to achieving and maintaining optimal profiles.


CD profiling actuators and valves

Original spare parts for CD profiling

Whenever you need spare parts for a CD profiling system, you can count on finding a correct part in the Tasowheel portfolio, regardless of your process line manufacturer. All of our products are developed to meet especially high reliability requirements. Currently, over 200 000 actuators manufactured by Tasowheel are used in paper production processes around the world.

Maintenance and repair services

In order to ensure efficient and uninterrupted production, we provide product support, maintenance and repair services throughout the entire life cycle of all Tasowheel products and solutions supplied.

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Health technology – solutions and services

At Tasowheel we are committed to take responsibility in this special field, in which precise control and product safety are emphasized. Identification and traceability of products throughout the manufacturing stages are essential features of our services.

All precision mechanical parts and components are manufactured and tested at our own facilities.

We offer a full service portfolio from design, engineering and manufacturing through to testing and quality verification. We assist you throughout your development project or participate in some stages.

- manufacturing of precision mechanics
- engineering in mechanics, electronics and control
- products ready assembled and tested
- quality verification
- wide network of professionals for subcontracting


Commercialization services – CD profiling and optimization

In order to provide an insight into production feasibility, we support our customers’ technical teams in the fields of development, design, simulation and testing. Close collaboration starting from the customers’ product development stages offers an opportunity to manufacture products and assemblies efficiently, ensuring that, once in use, they work in line with specifications and requirements.

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