Solutions, products and assemblies for power and motion transmission from an experienced international technology company.
Services throughout the entire life cycle from commercialization to testing, manufacturing and after-sales services.

In motion since 1979

Since establishment in 1979 Tasowheel has made an eventful journey. The company that started as a locally operating gear wheel manufacturer has grown to become a growth-oriented, internationally operating multi-industry group. One thing has remained the same over the years, namely family ownership.

Family business
After careful and long consideration, and encouraged by his wife Seija, Taisto Sorjonen set up a gear wheel manufacturing company. Today, Taisto’s son Kari is heading Tasowheel, and the third generation is already working hands on in the company, and learning the business.

The need and will for growth
The different stages on Tasowheel’s journey have been marked by diverse economic cycles. Since the very early days of operation, the company has been heading toward growth through expansion, acquisitions and new businesses, as well as extending activities from the domestic market towards more international environments. Today, Tasowheel’s focus still remains on further growth at the home base and abroad.



The movement is forward
Interest regarding new opportunities as well as strong commitment to developing the company open new business areas and possibilities.

Future challenges and opportunities require new types of solutions and choices. The emphasis of Tasowheel’s operations will stay on servicing clients efficiently. The company is committed to searching for ways that help customers meet the market demand competitively also in the future. This creates potential for profitable business for all parties involved.

Today, Tasowheel designs and manufactures systems, components and services for the needs of companies operating in the process and machine building industry as well as health technology. The company supports its customers through a wide range of services related to product development, testing, simulation, measuring and logistics.



Process industry

Tasowheel supplies CD profiling systems and related components needed in the optimization of the pulp and paper process . More than 200,000 actuators and dilution valves supplied by Tasowheel are operating in the processes of the world’s leading pulp, paper and board producers.
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Our expertise covers gears, transmission products and assemblies for medium- and heavy-duty power transmission where tight tolerances are a must. In addition to manufacturing, we collaborate with clients in the field of research and development in order to ensure that products are fit for their application.
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Machine building

Our production and testing facilities are designed for the manufacture of gears, transmission products and assemblies for medium- and heavy-duty power transmission as well as hydraulic subassemblies that feature complex geometry, tight tolerances and high surface quality.
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In addition to manufacturing, we collaborate with our clients in the field of research and development in order to ensure that all manufactured products are fit for purpose - the most demanding applications included.
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Health technology

Tasowheel develops and manufactures gears and transmissions for applications, in which extremely precise and silent motion is necessary. In addition to transmission products, we offer certification and measuring services to ensure safe use of all products manufactured and supplied by us.
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You have an idea? Let’s discuss it together, and we will assist you in developing a feasible concept by solving the details. You will have more time to focus on researching, networking and marketing.
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